Adidas Alliance II Sackpack Review


This quickly replaced my need to ever want a backpack again. It has nice thick ropes on it so they don’t dig into your shoulders when you have it loaded full. The material is nice and thick so it’s sturdy but it’s also very smooth so it won’t catch and snag on anything. There are no seems on the bottom of it which is super nice so it won’t pull apart from daily use.

Now for the things that really set it apart:
– The mesh water bottle holders. They may look small, but they go all the way into the middle of the bag so they can fit large bottles and shaker cups.
– The front zipper pocket is great for cellphones, keys, headphones or anything you don’t want to place in the main compartment. It has a soft lining inside back of it so phone screens won’t get scratched.

With all the colors and patterns available, you can wear it all over the place and will never bump into someone who has the same one as you.


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