Fitness While Traveling

I traveled internationally for a living over the last 5 years. My last trip I was in Taiwan for 2 weeks. I have been all over including Tokyo, Germany, Guam, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, all over the USA.. well you get the idea.

Here is a photo of me in the Navy Gym. I stay fit for a old fat guy.  But how do I stay fit while traveling??  Here’s how I did in in Taiwan.

First I walked EVERYWHERE!  >>>

Next, I found a local, heavy iron gym, and got day passes at $7 USD/Day ( I got 12 days). Now what was nice is they had a free filtered water station I would refill my water bottles, as well as mix my workout and post workout drinks saving me from having to purchase $3–5/day of water at the 7–11 store! YIPPEE!  My net is $3/day or so.

I worked out as I normally did. Check out my Travel vLogs on this site for a few videos from the gym.

Now other times I have traveled I stayed in chain hotels that had gyms. Granted they generally sucked, but I could at least get some form of workout in for the day. I will admit that the Grand Hyatt in Taiwan was OUTSTANDING!  Just like a planted fitness in terms of equipment and free weights.

That being said, let’s say you decided NOT to do the gym route. Then do what I call the CITY JUNGLE GYM workout! Walk and jog your workout, then when you come across a bench or table, alternate doing (chair) dips, and push-ups. If you come to a horizontal pole like a swing, then do some pull-ups. See something heavy like a tire? PICK IT UP and put it down 10 Times repeat 3x!! See something you can push or pull??? DO IT!

Don’t forget you can do jump squats, crab walks, bear crawls, sprints, broad jumps, walking lunges, grab some type of weight and do farmer walks. Add in some hanging knee raises, and you have now completed ONE HECK of a workout!

On my travels I have also brought a resistance band or two as well as a jump rope. They pack easy and light for ANY trip.

Additionally, with a bit more bulk you can bring a “suspension system” with you.  Don’t pay $200 for the TRX, but get the clones for under $50. Portable and convenient for travel. Your Suspension Training Kit is designed to go where you go. Work out in your office, at the camp ground, or in your hotel room, or even the local park. The suspension kit is designed to adapt to any workout environment.

Check out the TRX: then look for comparable clones.

There is REALLY NO excuse NOT to stay fit while traveling…

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