Some Advice for Aspiring YouTube’rz

For those of you just starting out on YouTube, there’s  a lot involved. But you really need to hold your horses and remember to stick with the basics.

I have a few different categories of videos. Devotionals, Inspirational, Travel vLogs, Fitness How-To, Supplement Reviews, Equipment Reviews, to name a few. All of these are sorted in categories, and arranged on the main page of my channel. I use EYE CATCHING and INFORMATIVE thumbnails. Along with a channel banner, that is attractive, and lets folks know where they are. The banner and logo is throughout ALL of my social media, videos and of course THIS website.  Remember this important point. It’s all about BRANDING. Note:  there is a lot more to branding, this is branding 101 info above.

Now back to the videos… The last 2 categories in the list, my equipment and supplement reviews, are the ones that get the most people watching!  How do I know that?  By my analytics and view counts.

Knowing that important tidbit of data, I will focus on what is getting the most views hoping that I can encourage viewers to watch my Inspirational and Devotionals by having “CARDS” at the end of my video for them to click on and watch.  >>>

After getting a number of videos produced, the key is to look at your analytics, see WHICH ONES are pulling in the most viewers, and HOLDING them. This tells you what *IS* and *IS NOT* working for you. Trail and error I am afraid!

JUST DO IT! vLogging basics

Get a digital video camera or use your cellphone to start, that’s how I did it. See my recent equipment blog and video Setup vLog I did.

Then think of what and how you are going to shoot your video.  What “character” will you be?  This is your content.  When it comes to YouTube the biggest thing of course is compelling content.

Content, Content, Content!

It of course starts with working hard, making outstanding content, great editing, compelling visuals, proper tags, descriptions and great thumbnails.

HAVE A GREAT TITLE! Do a search on the subject you are doing and see what pops up in the search bar, this will give you some idea of titles to use.

Then post on ALL THE SOCIAL media from the SHARE link, TALK to people, get on forums and post links to your channel in the appropriate discussion, find like minded people and network. have business cards with your channel on it. LEAVE THEM every where!

You need to make sure that you are posting to at least 50 high volume threads a week, on multiple sites, you need to INTERACT with the viewers who post on your channel and OTHER social media sites too. Basically YOU NEED TO MAKE NOISE!

Finally, Do some collaborations with others on YouTube, in particular channels with more subscribers than you.  You are now on your way to developing an engaging channel and community of subscribers.

But wait…. there’s more….




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