What to use to record YouTube videos – The vLogging Gear that Fit4Faith Uses

Do you ever ask what to use to record YouTube videos? Curious how I create videos on a shoestring budget? Well here you go, a little show and tell on my gear!

My apologies for the poor audio. As I am really sick, I was having trouble breathing. I could not put the mic on me as you would hear bad rattling from my lungs! Ugghhh… I am so congested and stuffed up I had to over process my audio so my voice has some normality to it, but overall it sounds like a bad AM radio program! You can hear the quality difference when I do the direction mic demonstrations. >>>

Listed below are Amazon links to the exact gear you see in the vLog.  I purchased everything off Amazon.

Besteker Video Camera w/ Directional Mic

Mono Pod

Manfrotto Tripod

Camcorder Tripod

Rode Video Mic ME

Lapel Mic

RediCam Mount and Handgrip

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