Besteker hd 1080p Video Test Review 2nd chance

I purchased and reviewed this model a couple weeks ago, and it was not up to snuff. Besteker contacted me and thought I had a defective camera and asked if i would review their equipment again. They were so nice, they sent me a camera. You can see the camera at this Amazon link:

Well, was there redemption? Watch and see!


Besteker video camera bought off Amazon a “Take 2” review with a recently received video camera. >>>

My final rating is 4.5 stars, understanding this is a beginner consumer camera, but has some great features more expensive cameras DO NOT have.

– Small and Lightweight, with hand strap
– Flip screen nearly 360 degrees
– Built in Fill Light
– Remote Control
– WiFi enabled, use their Android app to control the camera and view video on your smart phone
– Mic Jack for ext/detachable microphone
– Camera shoe mount for accessory mounting
– Standard tri-pod mount with orientation hole
– Comes with extra batteries
– Comes with small carry pouch and strap
– The detachable mic is outstanding, also comes with batteries
– excellent 1080 quality in bright light
– Surprisingly good quality in the dark with minimal graininess

Con’s (minus 1/2 star)
– Menu software has limited settings to customize
– Touch screen not as sensitive as I would like, I use a tablet stylus to navigate
– Unless I missed an “anti-shake” setting, I did get some shaky videos when hand holding and walking about, not bad, but could be better

Recommendation: A great buy for someone looking for an inexpensive starter video camera. For outside in bright light this camera does a really good job in particular while shooting at 1080. I would get the camera WITH the detachable mic, it makes the audio THAT much better!

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