Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder Review!

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder – New camcorders 2017! First hands on, first impressions, learning along the way before I RTFM.  Amazon Link:

Not a bad consumer camera. For well-lit studios and outdoors you get an excellent image. Low light is a bit noisy. However, as you dig further into the controls, you will be able to customize and adjust the image and the audio to where you want them! Be aware the settings are not user friendly and take a bit of futzing around to figure things out. But THERE IS power in the ability to tweak and customize. My first shot videos need another lookee-loo when I learn this camera more. >>>

You need to watch the prices as they can be all over the place. Look for bundles for a batter deal.

Amazon Link:

– Canon R800 Pro’s
– Responsive touch screen
– Powerful settings software
– Forward flip screen
– Mic In
– HOT Audio out, so you can monitor audio while recording
– 52x Zoom
– Decent onboard microphone
– Minimal external buttons
– Traditional camera mount
– Screw in lens capability, more (glass) focal flexibility

Canon R800 Con’s
– Settings not intuitive
– Low light images are a little noisy
– Image stabilization could be better.
– Weird phenomenon of the lens “fishing eyeing” while driving and Shooting video
– Needs better noise filtering

Canon R800 Video Camera I wish it had
– Buttons on flip screen so I can manually control from the front
– Remote control
– Hot Shoe Mount
– Ability to control video better from touch screen

FYI: Older model Canon R700:

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