Creamsicle Vitamin Smoothie Recipe


Messing with the Animal Pak vitamin powder mix… The flavor reminds me of a less sweeter version of “Tang”!  On it’s own it tastes great just mixed in water, but let’s up the fun, and flavor a bit, check out my smoothie recipe!

First, get Animal Pak Powder here for a great price:  A1 Supplements

Now, let’s make an amazing vitamin smoothie with it!  Here’s what I did in my little bullet blender.

First off I am not a super big guy, so I use 1/2 the recommended amount of Animal Pak powder.  I use 1 vs 2 scoops.

With that said, here’s what you need and about 1 minute of your time. >>>

  • One cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt (80 cal),
  • One Cup of Almond milk, or Skim milk (30 vs 80 cal),
  • One scoop of vanilla Protein Powder (or B-day Cake 100 cal),
  • 3 or 4 small ice cubes… (as long as they stay frozen there are zero calories 😉  )
  • Optional item – 1/2 small banana (<50cal),
  • One scoop of Animal Pak powder (12 cal),
  • Blend until smooth! about 20-30 seconds

You are looking at ~250 cal’s, 40 or so grams of protein. 15-25 grams of sugar (almond vs skim) ALL the vitamins you need as the lower “Vit D” from 1/2 animal dose, is made up in the milk and protein powder.

OMG!!!!!  It was AMAZING tastes like an orange Creamsicle!!!

Worried about sugar?  Don’t use the banana and skim milk, and you have only ~5 grams of sugar then.  This would make a great pre-workout drink.  Gotta let it settle an hour before hand though!

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