Creamsicle Vitamin Smoothie Recipe


Messing with the Animal Pak vitamin powder mix… The flavor reminds me of a less sweeter version of “Tang”!  On it’s own it tastes great just mixed in water, but let’s up the fun, and flavor a bit, check out my smoothie recipe!

First, get Animal Pak Powder here for a great price:  A1 Supplements

Now, let’s make an amazing vitamin smoothie with it!  Here’s what I did in my little bullet blender.

First off I am not a super big guy, so I use 1/2 the recommended amount of Animal Pak powder.  I use 1 vs 2 scoops.

With that said, here’s what you need and about 1 minute of your time. >>> READ MORE

Some Advice for Aspiring YouTube’rz

For those of you just starting out on YouTube, there’s  a lot involved. But you really need to hold your horses and remember to stick with the basics.

I have a few different categories of videos. Devotionals, Inspirational, Travel vLogs, Fitness How-To, Supplement Reviews, Equipment Reviews, to name a few. All of these are sorted in categories, and arranged on the main page of my channel. I use EYE CATCHING and INFORMATIVE thumbnails. Along with a channel banner, that is attractive, and lets folks know where they are. The banner and logo is throughout ALL of my social media, videos and of course THIS website.  Remember this important point. It’s all about BRANDING. Note:  there is a lot more to branding, this is branding 101 info above.

Now back to the videos… The last 2 categories in the list, my equipment and supplement reviews, are the ones that get the most people watching!  How do I know that?  By my analytics and view counts.

Knowing that important tidbit of data, I will focus on what is getting the most views hoping that I can encourage viewers to watch my Inspirational and Devotionals by having “CARDS” at the end of my video for them to click on and watch.  >>> READ MORE